Thursday, 6 January 2011

My Favourite Flower

I've always enjoyed taking pictures of flowers, something about the deliberation, setting up and the time it takes setting and taking the photo really appeals to me. In the year I've been taking photos with a lot of care, I've paid more attention to the changing of the seasons and how our garden and city parks change.

This photo of a water lily is one of my favourite flowers I've captured. I was on holidays in Bordeaux, France so didn't have all my gear with me. We were wandering around the Jardin Public and behind the botanic gardens we came across this lily in a pond. I kneeled down and set my ISO to 800 so I could get a faster shutter speed. An aperture of 9 kept the green leaves enough in focus to my liking. I set the white balance to cloudy in post to warm up the photo. The colours of the lily, I found to be quite unusual and I often find myself coming back to view this photo. So as the title suggests, this is my favourite flower photo, so far....

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